Community Groups

Better Together

We believe that people do not grow in rows (church settings) but rather, people grow in circles (in community). Therefore, FBC has created some circles for you to connect with and grow. Browse our group make ups below. Community groups are home-based people groups who come together to pray, study, talk, laugh, cry, serve and much much more. We simply Do Life Together.



These groups lead by married couples often choose electives around relationships and family life. If you’re dating, engaged, married and or raising a young family, couple’s groups may be ideal.


Young Adults

These groups are led by young adults and often provide opportunities to grow along with your peers.  Electives usually cover subjects like; Adulting, Career, Finances & Investments, Dating and New Spiritual Growth.


All Ladies:

We have Community Groups of all females. Their electives and video studies cover all things female. A great group for connecting with ladies and growing together as a sisterhood.


Mens Group:

This Community Group led by men covers all things men. Perfect for men looking to be and looking for mentors.



Even students can find community at FBC with unique studies and relationships to help them grow at such a critical stage in life.


Golden Girls:

This Community Group led seniors is ideal for those retired and living life at their own pace.



This Community Group can be a support to those parenting children. It offers wisdom from veteran parents and exciting resources for new parents.

Blended Groups:

These Community Groups are made up of men and women from all backgrounds, professions, walks of life, nationalities etc. A great community of healthy relationships.