September 2020

Help, I Think I’m Losing My Mind

The mind is a terrible thing to underestimate!

June 2020

A “Do-Over”

May 2020

Built To Last


March 2020

A Disciple’s Faith

“This Thing”

June 2019

Level Up

Our impact in this world is directly related to whether or not we go to the next level in our faith!

May 2019

The Tongue

November 2016

The Spirit Filled Worker

September 2016

40 Anniversary

April 2016

United We Stand

December 2015

Watch Night 2015

September 2015

In The Meantime Pt 1

May 2015

Freedom From Debt pt1

December 2014

Final Destination Pt 1: The Path Principle


The Goal of Christian Living Pt1

The Goal of Christian Living Pt 2


September 2014

Never Forget


November 2013

Upgrade Your Faith Pt2

Upgrade Your Faith Pt1

Law of The Harvest Pt1